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What is a Portable Voice Amplifier ?
A speech aid - light weight hands free compact Voice Amplifier attached to a belt.
The use of a voice amplifier improves the learning and the teaching experience, improves communication and increases effectiveness of classes, lectures, meetings, sales presentations.
Portable Voice Amplifier is also called "Waistband Amplifier"  or "Speech amplifier"
Voice Amplifiers - For Whom ?
The Portable Waistband Amplifier is useful to anyone talking to groups or in
a large or noisy area. Amplifiers are a wonderful asset for indoor or outdoor
use and is ideal for any professional who places heavy demands on their voices
such as tour guides, teachers, lecturers, entertainers, sport guides,
cheerleaders, etc.
A personal speech amplifier is recommended by Speech
Therapists for people who use their voice intensively at work or for anyone with
a weak voice or a throat problem. Use of a personal speech amplifier will help
to avoid damage or further damage to vocal cords.
A speech amplifier improves the learning and the teaching experience. The user sounds loud and clear, even with background noises. Vocal management is easy and effortless.
Voice Amplifiers - Components
The Portable Voice Amplifier kit includes all the necessary components and characteristics to answer your needs:
1. A small and reliable Portable Voice Amplifier with: volume control, Speaker, Recharging Connector, Headset Connector, power Led, Recharging Led, Batteries place.
2. A comfortable Hands Free Headset Microphone (Madona) and/or a neckset.
3. Rechargeable batteries (NI - MH). Recharging is done without taking the batteries out of their cell.
4. Recharger - enables recharge inside the voice amplifier (You get Appropriate recharger voltage. To Europe-220V USA-110V).

Voice Amplifiers - Parameters
When buying a Personal Waistband Amplifier be aware to the following parameters:
1. Guarantee period on all components (Suggestive of Reliability) -
    At you get 1 year full guarantee.
2. The Dimensions - Smaller is better.
3. The Weight - lighter is better.
4. The Sound - you can see our sound rate at the details & comparison table.
2. Returns policy -  At you get 90 days money back
    guarantee (Suggestive the confidence of the seller on the products).

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